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whack the creeps game

Whack the Creeps is a game developed by Whack It. It is the third game in the series of point and click cartoon violence games featuring Patrick and Lisa. The two are on a night out in a bar when two creeps approach to assault Lisa when Patrick has gone for a smoke. You can imagine what happens next if you have played Whack Your Neighbour and Whack the Burglars, only this time it's Lisa doing the whacking not Patrick.

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Will there be a Whack the Creeps 2?

Currently there are no plans to make a Whack the Creeps 2 due to the scope of the original game it was very much a niche idea with very little to expand on. Plus with limited ways to launch a second game due to both the Android Playstore and iTunes prohibiting the publishing of such cartoon graphic violent games (it lasted 2 weeks on the playstore before it was removed) there's no real opportunity to make any sort of money from another one.